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British Science Week

We celebrated British Science Week both in school and at home this year.

We started our week with an assembly all about Science and, in particular, a celebration of this year's theme which was 'connections'. We also did some interesting experiments during the assembly.

Mr Seymour attempted to make a glass of water freeze instantly with a grape. Sadly, it didn't quite work! Here is what was meant to happen. Maybe you can try it at home!

He then did a classic experiment, which was adding bicarbonate of soda to vinegar to create a volcano! It looked great, but definitely didn't smell great.


The final experiment required some safety equipment because we were using a chemical. We combined hydrogen peroxide and yeasty water to create something known as elephant toothpaste!


Over the course of the week, each class did a science investigation. 

In Reception, they investigated floating and sinking.

 Here's Year 1 doing some great investigative work!


In Year 2, they were planting seeds and leaving them in different conditions to see how they affect the growth of plants.

In Year 3, they investigated how heat affects the amount of gas created by yeast.


In Year 4, they looked at what happens when you put water onto skittles.

In Year 5, they used Oobleck (cornflour and water) to investigate whether a material can be both a solid and a liquid at the same time.

In Year 6, they became police detectives and used cocoa to find fingerprints!

Not only did we have the assembly and the investigations in class, but more than forty children designed a poster at home to show connections in science. This was a national competition run by British Science Week, but we also had a competition in school. It was incredibly hard to choose winners, but here they are! 

Congratulations to Oliver, George, Maxim, Lana and Christian! 

We will look forward to learning lots more about science in school, and to celebrate British Science Week next year!