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At St Leonard's, we try to make use of the best digital technology available. Children love learning using technology, and we endeavour to allow children the opportunity to use as many different computing tools as possible. 

Children in Reception are introduced to image based technology and by the time that they leave at the end of Year 6, they will have experienced a wide range of multi media devices.

We have a range of devices in the school, including laptops, ChromeBooks, iPads, iMacs, interactive whiteboards and Virtual Reality equipment. Watch this video to see how much our children love using it! 


Computing is at the heart of our learning as we prepare the children for the future. 

We follow the Teach Computing curriculum.

Computing - Cherry Fields Primary School

Children engage with the Teach Computing curriculum at least once per half term on a 'Computing Day'. 

On these computing days, children will complete a whole computing topic in a day. Over the course of the year, they will have been taught the entire Teach Computing curriculum for their year group.

Through these topics, they will discover the three areas of Computing learning: Computer Science, Information Technology, and Digital Literacy.

As per the National curriculum:

Computer Science discusses knowledge of computers and computation, including concepts such as data, system architecture, algorithms and programming. Computer science is seen as the core of computing and underpins the whole of the subject. 

Information Technology provides a context for the use of computers in society. It focuses on how computers are used in different sectors and describes the methods used to create digital artefacts such as presentations, spreadsheets and videos.

Digital Literacy is defined as the ‘skills and knowledge required to be an effective, safe and discerning user of a range of computer systems’. It covers a range of knowledge and skills, such as using physical devices or knowledge of the features that are likely to mean digital content is reliable.

Throughout the year, online safety is taught and emphasised through all areas of the curriculum, particularly in computing and PSHE lessons. 

We also celebrate Safer Internet Day every year, which encourages children to consider how they can use the internet in the safest way possible through a topic or a question. On Safer Internet Day, children complete activities in class and enjoy a fun, interactive assembly.

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