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Southwark Diocesan Board of EducationWe are proud to support 106 schools and academies, colleges and universities across our diverse and vibrant Diocese.

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Southwark Diocesan Board of Education Multi-Academy Trust


St Leonard's is a proud member of the SDBE MAT, which consists of a group of Church schools from within Southwark Diocese. More information about the SDBE MAT can be accessed here.

The Multi Academy Trust delegates some of its responsibilities to the school's Local Governing Body, details of which are able to be viewed below

Scheme Of Delegation

Governor Delegation Matrix 

MAT theologically-rooted Christian Vision:


‘Creating inspiring learning communities where all can grow and flourish, rooted in God’s love, bearing fruit abundantly.’ 


Creating inspiring learning communities…

A member of the SDBE MAT, we understand its vision of growth through the natural world around us as well as through the scripture. We are committed to living this out through our inspiring curriculum where our pupils can bear fruit abundantly, living out the Fruit of the Spirit in all areas of school life.


Where all can grow and flourish…

Through the strong relationships within our school, with parents, the Church, the MAT and wider community, our pupils have a sense of self- worth, each knowing they are valued and loved.

Rooted in God’s love…

   Our school community replenishes spiritually and emotionally through daily prayer and worship, where both adults and children can reflect and ponder on God’s love.


Bearing fruit abundantly…

Through our core and wider curriculum, our learners have golden opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge about the world which will prepare them for adult life, all rooted in our school values living through the Fruit of the Spirit .