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Tanzania School Link

Mlimwa school is in Dodoma, Tanzania.  Although it is in the capital city, the sandy and quiet roads  surrounding the school are a huge contrast to the busy and noisy Streatham High Road.  The school itself hosts over 700 pupils aged from 5 to 13.  The headteacher is Mr Mwuituza who visited St Leonard's back in 2012 when the partnership began. 


The aim of the partnership was for both schools to learn from each other through their similarities and differences.   The children in both schools enjoyed looking at photos and videos that teachers exhanged.  This broadened their understanding of the other culture.  Various classes also enjoyed sending and receiving letters to their partner school and began to build up a friendship.


The project was mostly funded by the British Council whose underlying aim was for schools to become aware of global issues and and to have an impact on teaching and learning overseas. 


The school firstly focused on Water as a key global issue.  Pupils in class 1 and 4 learnt about the differences of water supply and availablity around the world as well as how to conserve water.  Class 4 even raised money for 3 toilets to be built in Cambodia. 


When investigating the global issue of Food Sustainability, Class 5 looked at hunger in the UK and collected items for the local food bank.  Class 1 found out where the food they eat came from and how far it travelled.  They have learnt about the impact on the environment this has.  Finally, class 4 learned about agriculture and raised money to plant fruit trees in Kenya.


All classes were involved in the partnership through assemblies and by meeting Mr Mweluhanga  and Mr Mwituza when they visited St Leonard's.   Each class linked some of their learning with Tanzania.  The project perfectly aligned with our International Primary Curriculum.


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